Real-time supply chain management – from the shipper to the consignee

How LOGENIOS transforms logistics into a value chain

Meet LOGENIOS: an IT solution developed by a cooperative for supply chain management. Because it’s designed to leave no one behind. We link your supply chain from end to end so that it simply works. To do this, we integrate the orders and IT systems used by all the players in a standard interface that turns simple data into valuable information. And that is how you successfully take your logistics digital.

Supply chain management (SCM) will only work if all stakeholders immediately receive real-time information about any change in status. That way, they can check whether the change can be accommodated in their existing process plan or whether the plan has to be updated to reach the intended destination.

To achieve this, we have come together as a community of practitioners who cooperate with each other in solidarity and interact as equals without advancing our own individual interests. That allows us to act with foresight and put our traditional business relationships on a modern footing.

LOGENIOS therefore means real SCM: managing logistics processes without manual effort. By using digital communications that integrate data from all the players – from any source system to any target, in whatever format is needed.

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Successful SCM communications from the order to the destination


Shippers place a transport order with the freight forwarder or logistics provider. This service provider hires a carrier to transport the cargo, providing the shipment number and shipping date. On the road, the truck sends its current GPS position to the carrier using a telematics solution.

The logistics provider or forwarder then receives status updates and estimated times of arrival through LOGENIOS. It shares this data with the shipper and consignee via LOGENIOS. Once the goods have been delivered, the carrier uses LOGENIOS to digitally send the signed proof of delivery to the forwarder, who then passes it on to the shipper.

» Thanks to LOGENIOS, we receive all new status information right away and can immediately adjust our logistics processes as needed.
That's what real supply chain management looks like. «

Our products for managing your supply chain

How digital supply chain works

Efficient supply chain management requires real-time data sharing among all stakeholders. That’s a point we’ve already made.

To get fax machines out of logistics for good, we have incorporated everything into LOGENIOS Order Entry that makes collaboration easier: an address book for master data management, configurable order templates, permission management and a standard interface to the transportation management system (TMS).


LOGENIOS Order and Status Sharing keeps everyone updated on an order’s progress at all times. From order placement to the expected time of arrival to the proof of delivery (POD). Right in your ERP, TMS or WMS.

LOGENIOS File Converter transforms static data into analyzable information. Information that lets you control your processes more quickly, easily and nimbly.


At the heart of our solutions is LOGENIOS Gateway, which connects everything to everything and everyone to everyone. It keeps communications and management simple.

With LOGENIOS Portal, carriers control data communications and their fleet. It also serves as the user interface to LOGENIOS Gateway for all configuration tasks.

With LOGENIOS mobile WebApp, an ad-hoc partnership can be transformed from an arduous slog into a digital home run. Even subcontractors sourced in the spot market can effortlessly and seamlessly upload status data to your operations systems. No data re-entry required.

Digital supply chain management with LOGENIOS

How we integrate ourselves into your value chain

Our relationship starts the moment you decide to employ digital SCM in your logistics operations. We work shoulder to shoulder with you to implement our solutions in your supply chain. This can take anywhere from two weeks to six months, depending on the size and complexity of the project. And we don’t want to hide the fact that both sides have a lot to do in this process.

You’ve no doubt heard all kinds of snappy phrases about bad digital processes. So have we – that’s why we do everything in our power to develop a truly effective plan with you! We serve as your consultant and sounding board, supporting you with advice and experience. There is only one thing we cannot do: define your requirements. You have to decide what processes to digitalize and how much data to share with your partners. Put plainly, whether you just want to use LOGENIOS Order Entry or go the full “digital supply chain management” route.

After all, only you understand how you process orders, who needs what information, what format they need it in, and at what point in the process they need it. You’re also the best positioned to know what order data is most important to you – reference numbers or delivery notes? Or which partners you prefer to use. And, of course, you make the critical decisions yourself. Such as whether a shipper can watch your truck along its entire route or will only see the estimated time of arrival.

During implementation, we work closely with your key users who are intimately familiar with your company and its process landscape, IT structures and data repositories. They also need the permissions to make configuration changes.

Experience has shown that one particularly special phase in implementation is the joint testing before going live. This is the stage when you first realize what data you need the most and what requirements matter the most. And, last but not least, what other special issues you handle almost incidentally – so incidentally, in fact, that you didn’t even think of them in the process description. Special issues that only come to light when the processing fails due to missing information.

Don’t worry: We walk you through this process and guide your people very closely. We take a careful look at how you work and tailor the flow of data accordingly. And we repeat this process with every new project. After all, sophisticated data integration has to actually enable innovation, and not just stay out of its way.

You can help us prepare for implementation by providing interface documentation with a functional description of your telematics systems and explaining the structure of your file storage system. If you have a solution that we have not integrated before, it will help if you can put us in touch with the vendor, too.

You may want to know what we can do and how quickly we can do it. Here’s a straight answer: We can complete modest projects involving a few interfaces and partners within a few weeks. This includes implementing LOGENIOS Order Entry, LOGENIOS mobile WebApp and LOGENIOS File Converter as well as the connection to LOGENIOS Gateway. If, on the other hand, you want to integrate an EDI format from another solution that the vendor is still testing, it may take longer…

One thing is certain: We are not satisfied until all your stakeholders receive each new piece of information in the desired quality and speed. Only then will your supply chain management have real LOGENIOS.

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