Freight forwarding orders: import data automatically instead of transcribing

Logistics software meets freight forwarding software

File Converter turns files into interfaces

Is the data for the next order already entered – just not where you need it as a freight forwarder?

Not with LOGENIOS File Converter. It can transform virtually any form into an interface, automatically import the order data and log the new forwarding order in your transportation management system (TMS).

So what we do need to make this happen? A template of the form that your customers typically use to place orders. We use this form to train our application to read your data. All we need are three sample documents.

Screenshot transport order

How it works:

  • You send us your file templates (PDF, Excel, Word) with the transport order.
  • We convert your document and automatically import the order data into your TMS.
  • We can even import data from image-based PDF files using optical character recognition (OCR).
  • We also use artificial intelligence (AI) to transform free-text information into structured data if you need to know opening hours or send a pre-delivery notification.
  • You decide what happens to your orders afterwards: We set up post-processing rules for you – for example, if you want to convert the load dimensions right to loading meters for billing purposes.
  • We automatically import all the data into your TMS. Of course, we can also provide the data in any format you wish, including as a Fortras file.
Screenshot transport order within LOGENIOS WebApp

How does this help you? Three big benefits:

  • You no longer need to spend time on manual data entry.
  • You always import all orders in the same high data quality. Even when your most experienced people are on vacation or sick.
  • New freight forwarding orders are available right in the TMS so you can release the freight for dispatching.

» LOGENIOS File Converter lets us digitalize every forwarding order without having to re-enter anything.
It's all done in seconds. «

How does LOGENIOS File Converter work?

If your freight forwarding order consists of an image-based PDF document, we first read the data using OCR and create a text document from it.

Our software analyzes its structure and uses AI to generate a structured data representation.

The data is then extracted using a method that delivers the best possible results and is tailored to your exact needs. We automatically import the extracted information into your TMS via the LOGENIOS infrastructure where you can process the order right away. Don’t waste time re-entering order data!

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