LOGENIOS for logistics: electronic data interchange (EDI) made easy

Provide transparency in order processing

As a logistics provider, you collaborate with numerous partners who help you with your orders. That’s understandable: You organize large parts of the logistics process and thus the supply chain for your customers.

Transparency is essential in order processing. You need to know the status of your orders at all times. After all, your customers expect you to have this information.

That puts the onus on you in the digital exchange of data: You have to send, receive and process a vast number of data records every day so that your customers’ supply chain will run smoothly.

LOGENIOS fulfills this EDI function for you. We guarantee success by serving as a hub for your data communications and a gateway to your partners.

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Manage your logistics agilely and quickly thanks to EDI with LOGENIOS

Make LOGENIOS the focal point of your data exchanges. We are the standard interface that not only transmits data records, but conveys the information they contain, too. We connect all the players to you – or to each other. These powerful EDI functions provide complete transparency in your order processing. And they set you up to dynamically manage how you provide your services and to always meet your customers’ needs as effectively as possible. We process data from any source system and transfer it to any desired target system. Quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.


EDI for logistics

  • LOGENIOS accepts data records from any source
  • LOGENIOS converts data for each recipient
  • LOGENIOS transfers information to any target system
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» EDI with LOGENIOS lets us replace all our other interfaces with a single connection. This saves us a lot of configuration work. «

What does EDI mean in logistics?

Logistics cannot function without EDI. Electronic data interchange is what makes modern logistics processes possible in the first place: flexibly processing orders without manually entering data; exchanging data records and order data quickly, flexibly and digitally; and establishing a stable supply chain with real-time information.

EDI is the foundation of digital transformation. It sets high standards and provides efficient tools, including asynchronous interfaces such as application programming interfaces (APIs). Proactive supply chain management requires everyone to participate in EDI.

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