LOGENIOS in freight forwarding: keeping track with telematics and more

Stay on top of everything with status messages

Freight forwarders are pivotal to every transport operation. They interface directly with the other stakeholders. They are constantly receiving information from every direction, from every driver in every truck, and have to keep up with the pace of real-time data.

These service providers therefore need vehicle data – from GPS positions and current status messages to the proof of delivery (POD) – to appear right in their transportation management system (TMS). From any app, any subcontractor and any source system for telematics.

Customers then expect you to proactively supply the underlying information to them. And preferably upload it right to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which may be provided by any vendor on the market. Of course, all this has to happen in real time, too.

LOGENIOS is a standard interface that will transform your TMS into the eye of the logistics storm – the place where you can unerringly coordinate customers and partners.

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How telematics benefits every freight forwarder

LOGENIOS turns your transportation management system into a telematics data hub. You can readily accept messages from any commercial solution installed in any vehicle – from the current vehicle position with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) all the way to the POD. As a standard interface, we will receive this data for you and convert it to the right format for each order. We will also forward the data to whichever operations system your customers use – after transforming it into important information. We can easily connect new customers or partners to LOGENIOS, saving you the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own interface. That will make you the preferred forwarder for shippers and carriers. Because working with you is just plain easy.


Telematics in freight forwarding

  • LOGENIOS receives status messages from any app
  • LOGENIOS links all data precisely to your orders
  • LOGENIOS sends new information directly to your customers
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» With LOGENIOS, current status messages from all of our carriers and all available telematics systems are uploaded right into the customer order in our TMS. «

How can I hire a freight forwarder?

Today, freight forwarders prefer to receive transport orders digitally. That way, they don’t have to waste time on manual data entry. Plus, their customers can directly receive service updates. How? When the shipment and consignee are added to the trip schedule via LOGENIOS Order Entry, current information flows back to the customer via LOGENIOS Order and Status Sharing.

Automatically and in real time. Clearly, a digital freight forwarding order will beat a fax form any day. It makes information and communication fast, simple and flexible. Among everyone involved in the process.

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