LOGENIOS for consignees: know the status of every shipment. Right now.

Know what’s going on: shipment tracking made easy

The buck stops here: As the consignee, you are the end point of every single transport. But you have little control over the timing and circumstances unless you assign delivery time slots or employ a procurement logistics approach.

You obviously want to know when the goods you have ordered will arrive. That information may be hard to come by if you are not receiving electronic updates. To get it, you will, at a minimum, have to contact every shipper and ask about the order status. Many of the shippers will simply refer you to their delivery providers' tracking service.

To spare yourself this hassle, simply connect to the logistics provider’s shipment tracking service yourself. Then, if you want to learn the real-time status of a shipment, you just have to provide the order number or shipment number.

LOGENIOS is the standard interface that automatically updates you on all the transports that are on their way to you. We send this information straight to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system so that you can be perfectly prepared. It’s as convenient as the system you use for deliveries to your home. All it takes is a single connection. That is real LOGENIOS.

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Get shipment status updates automatically

Gone are the days when you had to ask shippers, logistics providers and freight forwarders for shipment updates. Today, these updates get pushed directly to you in real time as soon as the shipment leaves the dock. Once you provide the order number or shipment number given to you by your suppliers, you will automatically receive updates on your order via LOGENIOS. But ONLY IF you are already connected to LOGENIOS and use our standard interface. That eliminates the need to enter the number and look up the order every time you want to check the order status. Instead, you can trust your business partners to proactively initiate the information chain. You no longer need to make an effort to track order statuses. At the same time, you are as well informed as if you were taking a procurement logistics approach. The only difference is that you do not dictate the shipping date. All the other information reaches you just as quickly, reliably and precisely as if you yourself were the shipper. Searching was yesterday. Hello, future!


Receive shipment status updates automatically for each order number

  • LOGENIOS receives status updates on all freight forwarding shipments
  • LOGENIOS assigns shipment numbers to your order numbers
  • LOGENIOS adds new status information to your ERP system
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» LOGENIOS provides the overview we needed:
Whenever we receive a freight forwarding shipment, we always know the current shipment status without ever going to the tracking page.
It's fast and efficient. «

When does the shipment status change?

When freight forwarders process orders, all the packages that belong together receive a common shipment number that is printed out as a barcode and affixed to the shipment. Once the shipment starts moving, a shipping employee scans the barcode at each new step in the process, causing a new status to be automatically set in the transportation management system (TMS).

Many carriers transporting full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) shipments may also set the status manually via an app without scanning labels. In other words, the shipment status changes every time the shipment gets a little closer to the consignee: at every interface in the transport process.

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