LOGENIOS for carriers: taking truck tracking live – for partners

Transparency in your fleet: know GPS position and standing times

You play a critical role as the carrier: You haul goods and bring them safely to their destination. For shippers or freight forwarders – partners who demand increasingly precise information as our world becomes more digital. From your vehicle’s GPS position from its satellite tracker to the estimated time of arrival to the current status of ongoing orders.

To track your trucks, you employ special apps and telematics systems, each of which generates its own unique set of information automatically. For example, you use vehicle locations to track standing times at each loading point and then associate this information with the appropriate orders for billing purposes. Your customers and consignees, on the other hand, want to know how to plan their downstream processes.

However, almost every company uses a different IT system and so needs you to supply this information in a specific format. That’s why your business partners often ask you to use a very specific telematics solution.

With LOGENIOS, you and your drivers can continue to use your preferred telematics app. Because our interfaces guarantee that everyone gets all the information they want from your fleet – in any format, for any system. Exactly the way you need it.

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Share order-specific tracking information from your trucks

Today, everyone wants you to tell them everything. Large shippers often manage their logistics operations across providers and so employ platforms that will track your entire fleet at all times – so they can get real-time data from your trucks as needed. However, tracking doesn’t have to be this intrusive. LOGENIOS lets you control access to your data on an order-by-order basis. Platforms, shippers and consignees can only see your trucks’ GPS position if you are actually working for them and if those vehicles are actually hauling their freight. Once the cargo has been delivered, as confirmed by the submission of the proof of delivery (POD), the order is deemed completed and the automatic flow of data is cut off. That preserves data privacy and gives you control over your data – with our gateway, you only specifically provide information that your customers and their partners have a legitimate interest in. The LOGENIOS benefit for you: We give you complete control over data transmissions!


Highly granular control over data flows in truck tracking

  • LOGENIOS accepts data from all your vehicles
  • LOGENIOS assigns information to the appropriate orders
  • LOGENIOS provides vehicle tracking during transports
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» With LOGENIOS, we no longer need to juggle apps.
All our fleet trucks and drivers have the same telematics app and can provide any information that the customer may request. «

What is telematics in trucks?

Carriers collect real-time data from their vehicles in order to manage their fleets. They receive the data wirelessly using the vehicle’s onboard telematics system or via software solutions on tablets and smartphones. Telematics refers to the collection and transmission of status data generated by the vehicle and the order management system.

It includes fuel consumption, brake wear and distance traveled, the estimated time of arrival at a loading point depending on the truck driver’s driving and rest times as well as proofs of delivery and delivery notes.

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