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» We provide transparency in logistics processes, in ourselves and in our work. «

Günter Englert, Managing Director, LOGENIOS

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What many of you want to know

How long does the implementation process take?
It depends on your requirements. It may take anywhere from a few days to several months.
Let’s start with a simple scenario: We need about two weeks to set up a data import from PDF documents to the transportation management system (TMS).
However, if you are a shipper and want to connect all your shipping partners using interfaces to multiple TMS and telematics systems, it can take several months.

What does the implementation process cost?
We implement TMS and telematics systems free of charge. We charge on a time and materials basis for connecting to ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems such as SAP.

What are the prerequisites for using LOGENIOS solutions?
Digitalization begins in the mind. The most important prerequisite, in other words, is for you to be firmly committed to defining and standardizing your processes so that we can digitalize them.

What are the technical requirements for working with LOGENIOS?
It depends on the requirements that you want us to meet. It often involves connecting our gateway to existing interfaces for ERP, TMS, telematics and warehouse management systems (WMS). In other words, the project dictates the technical requirements.

How much does it cost to use LOGENIOS?
Our pricing model depends on the solutions you use, and how much you use them. We bill per shipment, consignment or delivery. There is no additional base fee. We can also set up a monthly flat rate with you if you prefer.

Does LOGENIOS support my telematics system?
Yes, definitely. If we don’t already have the interface, we will implement it free of charge.

Is my TMS already supported?
We have already connected most commercially available systems. We can easily implement others if we have a detailed interface description. We will ideally perform the implementation ourselves.

Is my document management system (DMS) already supported?
Common DMSs are already implemented. We can easily add more if we have the interface description. We prefer to carry out the implementation ourselves.

Is LOGENIOS already linked to shipper portals?
Yes, we already have connections to many well-known portals such as fourkites, Sixfold and Transporeon. If you want to use another portal, we will implement it as well.