Order execution monitoring

Shipment Execution Monitoring

Shipment monitoring through the eConnect Control Tower.

Using real-time information, directly coming from the vehicle, eConnect Order Execution Monitoring interprets the status of shipments automatically, always providing you with the status of all transport orders without any user interaction required.

Live monitoring of your different trips and corresponding reports, enables you as a decision-maker to take direct action whenever anything goes wrong.

eConnect offers you a ‘management by exception’ solution which helps you to focus in the first instance on problems, and offers you the opportunity to evaluate and correct your the planning of future shipments.

The eConnect platform is the fastest growing collaboration and monitoring platform in Europe. It will allow full control and insights during the execution of the transports even when executed by subcontractors; and helps you to focus on those shipments with potential problems.

Through ‘management by exception’, you can focus on transports that might go wrong and make adjustments up to the very last mile.

Management of all your logistic orders, automatic monitoring of arrival times (ETA) of your transport orders, verification of capacity utilisation of your hubs… These are but a few examples that eConnect Order Execution Monitoring can manage for you.


  • Automatic calculation of routes according to execution times using the route geofencing functionality
  • Constant evaluation of ETA and ETD, with or without traffic information
  • Verification of hub capacity utilisation (monitoring of arrivals and departures)
  • Forcasts of arrivals based on traffice information


  • Automatic registration upon arrival and departure
  • Expected times of arrival and departure at hubs
  • Security Monitoring
  • Planned versus actual comparison
  • Route Geofencing
  • Deviations from time frames
  • Temperature verification
  • Traffic integration (optional)
  • CO2 monitoring
  • Status and message integration
  • Routing guidelines

No telematic solution on board?

With the eConnect App status information on all trips to be performed – also from transport companies or subcontractors without on-board computer – can be exchanged in real time (positions, arrival and departure, beginning and end of action, ETA…). Logenios immediately integrates different transport companies, subcontractors or other service providers in the logistic chain, completely independently of a telematic solution.

“Both clients and carriers can at all times consult the status of a shipment. Deviations in the logistic chain can be visualised in the control centre, enabling each party involved to react swiftly. The quality of the cooperation and offered services can be optimised at all times because every activity is measurable.”

– Christiaan Bert, Managing director

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