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February 14, 2019

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We are logistics providers, freight forwarders, carriers and software providers. Players in the logistics chain and their strategic partners. We work together to drive the digitalization of logistics by connecting everyone with one another and enabling an effortless flow of data.

Anyone who works in logistics or makes an important contribution to it can become a member. That is what our articles of incorporation and bylaws say.

We treat each other as equals and collaborate in solidarity. We elect our Board of Managing Directors and make all important decisions for the future democratically. Our cooperative members jointly decide how we process data. Our users and customers retain sole and exclusive control over their data.

Together, we develop solutions that make us more competitive in the logistics market.

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Good reasons to join our cooperative

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Benefit from better processes

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Logistics providers

Can automate more

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Freight forwarders

Collaborate more easily with numerous partners

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Get in on the digitalization action

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Get to the interface faster

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Software providers

Get to the interface faster

Regardless of their role, all of our cooperative members have an equal right to participate in decision-making. That includes all aspects of the use of our data and information. Members also benefit from sharing information in our network and receive member discounts on all our user fees.

With their knowledge and cooperative shares, our members help contribute to the further development of our solutions for a seamless, sustainable supply chain.

» Members have a say in what happens in our cooperative.
Today's requirements are tomorrow's process advantages.
And that means we can provide even better service to our customers. «

How can you join the cooperative?

Submit a membership application

If you would like to join our strong logistics community, first read our articles of incorporation and bylaws to confirm that you share our goals.

Fill out an application for membership and send it in.

Once we approve your application, you can pay for your cooperative shares and then enjoy all the member benefits for our products and services.

Once you have joined, the LOGENIOS eG Board of Managing Directors will send you an invitation to the next possible general meeting, with regular invitations sent out at least once a year. You can actively exercise your membership rights and the meeting, including the right to participate in decision-making.

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