LOGENIOS effortlessly consolidates logistics data. For everyone in the supply chain!

LOGENIOS serves as the digital hub of your logistics operation

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Supply chains interconnect a host of players: shippers, logistics providers, freight forwarders, carriers and consignees. Each one of them has a job to do in the overall process and plays a unique role in ensuring that everything goes to plan.

To manage the underlying value chain effectively, though, all the players’ activities have to be coordinated. Logistics, after all, is something that happens along and across multiple interfaces. In the form of activities that generate and consume large and varied volumes of data.

LOGENIOS serves as the one interface that links all the players together. Companies connected to us do not just receive data from their partners. We first convert the data into valuable information – taken from any source and properly formatted for any operations system.

You can trust in three key principles:

  • If you like it, keep it: Continue using your current system.
  • Avoid doing things manually: Save valuable time with digital information.
  • He who pays the piper calls the tune: You alone get to decide what happens with your data.

More predictability for your logistics operations? Replace all the interfaces in your supply chain with one LOGENIOS.

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LOGENIOS for everyone

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always know when their shipment arrives.

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Logistics providers

can finally handle any data exchange.

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know every vehicle's location and order status.

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easily show their partners that the trucks are delivering orders.

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have long known their shipment's status and do not have to ask about it.

» LOGENIOS is the no. 1 Logistics-Gateway.
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What? When? Where?

Answers for your logistics operation

When distilled to its essence, logistics is quite simple: Get the right quality and quantity of the right goods to the right place at the right time. And we make it simple for you, too. Because we always give you all the information you need immediately. For every industry.

Get frozen and fresh food to the supermarket? You got it! Pick up chemicals? Right on time! Move consumer electronics to the central warehouse? On its way! Need special building materials and roof insulation for a construction site? Will be right there!

Quite simply LOGENIOS!

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Who we are

Cooperative members in your supply chain

We all really have the same goal. That's why LOGENIOS operates as a cooperative that develops IT solutions to meet its members’ needs and requirements.

We make it easy to digitalize your logistics and share data with your business partners. We serve as the hub of your supply chain and link all the information.

We know our way around transportation, telematics and IT. Our expertise proves itself in practice every day. That’s why we develop solutions that our members really like.

There are many IT providers in logistics. But few support their customers as equals among equals. We love and cultivate our cooperative’s principles, treat each other as equals and cooperate in solidarity. We think ahead without advancing any one player’s specific interests and, in the process, support traditional businesses with modern solutions. With LOGENIOS as a partner to everyone involved in the supply chain: shippers, logistics providers, freight forwarders, carriers and consignees, even software providers and logistics platforms.

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